BioPure Matrix Electrolyte Powder (100 grams)

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BioPure Matrix Electrolyte Powder (100 grams) Description

Balancing electrolytes is the key to allowing both toxins and nutrients to flow in and out of the cells appropriately. There is a huge market today for electrolyte replacement beverages available for athletes and the general public. However, the problem with many sport drinks is that they contain more sugar and sodium than is needed to supplement typical diets. BioPure offers “EMF” (Enhanced Matrix Formula), an electrolyte supplement that closely matches the natural mineral and salt balance found in the extracellular matrix of our cells. There is no added sugar or artificial flavorings or colorants. It is specially formulated to support healthy kidney functioning and enhance detoxification. Supports healthy blood circulation. Contains nutrients that support neurotransmitters to the brain. Quickly & easily replenishes electrolytes to assist in hydration and a proper pH. Helps in the normal functioning of cells and nervous system to support a healthy balance of electrolytes. Our “EMF” is available here in the form of easily dis-solvable powder; offered in a 100 gram jar with serving scoop for easy measuring.

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