Inholtra Lubri-Joint Natures Secret 120 Softgel

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Inholtra Lubri-Joint Natures Secret 120 Softgel Description

Inholtra Lubri-Joint 120 SoftgelProduct DescriptionBEYOND JUST GLUCOSAMINE – Inholtra Premium Lubri-Joint The next step in the evolution of joint health.* The research on glucosamine is overwhelmingly positive. When taken at clinically researched levels, this joint nutrient can help support the production of cartilage, the soft cushion that helps protect the bone within a joint from rubbing together. Building upon this amazing nutrient, Inholtra Premium Lubri-Joint combines a specific blend of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and essential fatty acids, all of which support joint and connective tissue health.* Inholtra takes the best of what nature has to offer and combines it together in a unique formula to provide

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