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Dr. Fuhrman’s Pixie Vites (Chewable) delivers vital nutrients that children need plus extra phytochemical and antioxidant protection in a great-tasting, high quality, whole-food based multivitamin and mineral supplement with whole food-derived nutrients. Even when parents provide high-nutrient plant foods, children don’t always eat healthful meals. Pixie Vites provides the added assurance that children are getting the essential nutrients they need to grow up healthy, yet excludes any ingredients that have the potential to cause harm. Scientific studies indicate that many common ingredients and nutrients in supplements are potentially harmful. Pixie Vites excludes ingredients that have the potential to cause harm such as vitamin A, beta-carotene and folic acid. Pixie Vites does contain folate, the form found naturally in green vegetables, rather than folic acid, the potentially harmful form found in most other supplements. Pixie Vites provides antioxidant and phytochemical protection from real foods and contains 18 whole-food extracts including blueberry, broccoli sprout, kale, and acai fruit, which supply a spectrum of nutrients in their natural state. Pixie Vites supplement is unique, containing no added sugar, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. It is also free of major allergens; it contains no wheat, dairy, gluten or soy. Pixie Vites chewable tablets are sweetened with a hint of natural xylitol. Xylitol is naturally found in small amounts in plant foods, such as vegetables and berries, and xylitol may reduce the risk of tooth decay.

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