Purity Products – Triple Action Omega-3 Super Pill – 60 Softgels

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Purity Products – Triple Action Omega-3 Super Pill – 60 Softgels Description

The ‘3 in 1’ Super Pill Purity’s Triple Action Omega-3 represents yet another advancement in the field of nutritional supplementation. We’ve combined ultra pure, super concentrated Omega-3 Fish Oil, CoQ10 and plant sterols in one cutting edge soft gel formulation. Triple Action Omega-3 helps you support healthy cholesterol levels and replenishes your body with nature’s key energy factor, CoQ10. It also provides the multifaceted benefits of Purity’s super concentrated Omega-3 fish oil, all in one convenient, easy to absorb soft gel. The three key ingredients in Triple Action Omega-3 1. Omega-3 Fish Oils 2. Coenzyme Q10 3. HeartChoice Plant Sterols Super Concentrated Omega-3 Fish Oil The two key active ingredients in Fish Oil, DHA and EPA, are widely recognized for their positive roles in the health of the heart, brain, skin, joints, eyes, and more.* Unlike many store bought Fish Oil brands with 200 mg or 300 mg of Omega-3s per day, Triple Action Omega-3 delivers a stunning 900 mg of super concentrated, molecularly distilled, ultra pure Omega-3s (including 310 mg of DHA and 430 mg of EPA) to provide valuable heart, joint, brain, immune and circulatory support.* LemonLock Freshness System Purity’s LemonLock Freshness System helps lock in purity and freshness. Omega-3s such as Fish Oil and Krill Oil provide a host of health benefits for the body. But just like real food, Omega-3s are better for you when they are fresh. Old fish oil can go rancid, and oxidation in rancid fish oil can lead to unpleasant fish oil burps. Purity starts out with ultra-pure, concentrated Omega-3s, preserving them with our scientifically advanced LemonLock Freshness System. Our LemonLock System infuses our Fish and Krill Oils with a potent antioxidant complex – sealing in the purity of our Omega-3s. It’s a difference you can experience. This product contains soybean and fish (anchovies and sardines).

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