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Life happens, which means dry spells happen, am I right? No biggie—unless that dry spell morphs into more of a, well, severe drought. Wondering why don't I want to have sex anymore? Factors like stress, time, and kids can seriously zap your sex drive.
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Married couple had ‘no clue’ they needed to have sex to make a baby

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12 real couples reveal why they don't have sex anymore

Felicity had resigned herself to the idea of a sexless marriage, and then something massive changed. A note from the editor: This is one woman's personal story and does not constitute medical advice. If you're experiencing health issues, consult your doctor. I fell in love with him for his eyes, but it is his back that is burned crushingly into my memory, because that is what I stared at, lonely and confused, for the best part of six years. The first five years of our relationship were a blur of passion, connection and yes, intimacy.
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An open letter to the man I didn’t have sex with last night

You might assume—whether because of their many on-screen sex scenes or their sexy song lyrics—that celebrities are having tons of great sex. That's not always the case. Sex is a very intimate moment between two people, and whether or not a couple abstains from it is deeply personal. A handful of celebrities have candidly shared the reasons why they chose to wait until marriage—some made faith-based decisions, while others were looking for the right person.
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WMC Women Under Siege investigates how sexualized violence is used as a weapon in conflict and beyond. WMC Fbomb is an intersectional teen feminist media platform created by and for socially conscious youth. WMC Climate positions the people climate change affects the most — women and people of color — front and center.
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