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Learn what movie ratings mean and how to use them to choose movies for your children. You may be surprised to find out that the movie ratings given to current movies were originally designed by the Motion Picture Association of America MPAA back in The current rating system we use was created in response to a previous self-censorship system that was created in , known as the Hays Code, when the MPAA was founded and led by William Hays. The current rating system we have in the United States is voluntary and requires a fee for having material go through the rating process. During the rating process, the rating board considers things like language, sex, violence, drug use and other situations that might concern most parents. The ratings board tries to reflect what they think the majority of other parents would give the film in ratings.
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What do movie ratings mean?

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Best X-Rated Movies: Adult Movies That Are Actually Good - Thrillist

While the phrase "rated X" likely conjures up images of the kind of movie to which Travis Bickle might squire a date, the rating's original intention had little to do with the pornography that eventually came to define it. When the Motion Picture Association of America MPAA decided to implement a ratings system in November , its purpose was to easily communicate to parents whether a flick would be fun for the whole family… or earn them a visit from child protective services. But it didn't take long for the adult industry to join the party and co-opt the salacious-sounding X -- then take it two steps further by adopting a XXX rating for its spiciest titles. Because the MPAA neglected to trademark its ratings system opening the door to that aforementioned porn penetration , rather than compete with or take on the adult industry to bring the X rating back to its original purpose, they dropped it altogether. In , the X begat the NC rating -- though some filmmakers have opted to distribute their movies with no rating at all the ratings system was, and is, voluntary.
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Detect explicit content (SafeSearch)

SafeSearch Detection detects explicit content such as adult content or violent content within an image. This feature uses five categories adult , spoof , medical , violence , and racy and returns the likelihood that each is present in a given image. See the SafeSearchAnnotation page for details on these fields.
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People under 18 may not buy, rent, exhibit, or view these films. They are legally available to be sold or hired in the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory. Films may be shown in theaters in France only after classification by an administrative commission of the Ministry of Culture. In , the X classification officially: "pornographic or violence-inciting movies" was created for pornographic movies, or movies with successions of scenes of graphic violence.
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