Real bass cannon

Teamed up with this:. Holy sweet mother of Luna that is awesome. Also, sonic weaponry? It depends on the sound frequency and how far the length of the sound waves go, anyway sonic weaponry! Lol my first thought when I saw the flashing color turning red when he started receding off from the loudspeaker:.
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Build a Bass Cannon, Pull the Trigger to Rock the Party

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Bass Cannon | Discography | Discogs

It's no dubstep gun , but this DIY "bass cannon" combines some speaker guts and an Airzooka for a portable party that rides on your shoulders—or at your hip, ready to fire some crazy beats any time the need arises. To call it a "bass" cannon is kind of unfair, since it's not that the Airzooka specifically accentuates bass—bass is omnidirectional—but the Airzooka body does channel all of the sound in one specific direction, meaning that even if the music is playing, it's playing much louder for anyone in the line of fire from the front opening. We should also note that for all the dubstep jokes here, this works just as well for any other type of music you love or hate , so it can be just as effective a toy or weapon to blast the jams to your friends in the backyard or give those noisy neighbors a taste of their own medicine without turning the good neighbors or your pets into collateral damage. Hit the link below to see how the whole thing was made, including the wiring diagram, parts you'll need for the whole project, and more.
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Bass Cannon

I agree. At least when I picture a bass cannon I expect sub bass and not the above hz that a normal voice coil loudspeaker can produce in appreciable volumes at distances greater than a few feet. Rotary subs only work in an enclosed space, such as a room; they have to be installed between the listening room and some other space.
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